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November 20th, 2008, 05:53 PM
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I have been checking out the board for a few days and the results that I have seen from you ladies has really been helpful to get my butt moving.

A little about me: I am a 28 y/o SAHM with 3 kids (i'm a nanny to one of them) and I am a college student studying to be a teacher. I have been with my DH for 13 years and out of those, 12 years I have been over weight. I started gaining once I quit smoking (12 yrs) and it has only progressed after having my girls (now 4 and 6 years). I quit biting my nails after 26 years because i didn't want my girls to learn the bad habit from me and now I am determined to take the next big step and loose weight by changing our eating habits, in hopes they gain good eating habits.

I was last weighed at 219.5 on nov 3rd. I was shocked! I haven't been this heavy since I was pregnant with Kylea my oldest at full term.
On monday nov. the 17th I researched calorie counting and found the calorie intake number that I should be eating. Around 1610.

On tuesday I ate "normal" for me and counted up the calories- I didn't think what I was eating was 'bad' and found that I was taking in about 2240+ calories a day. WOOO!!!

On wednesday the 19- I counted calories and really did well with under 1000 calories. It seems low- i know but I had a half of bagel with butter, coffee, chicken noodle soup for lunch, an apple with 2tbs carmel, steak, potatoes, and applesauce with water all day.

Today Nov. 20- I've only had about 800 calories so far. Chicken, broccoli on pasta, coffee, hot dog, potatoes, and three cookies, lemonade, 2 mouths full of mt. dew, and water throughout. I added walking around the park while the kids played for 8 minutes,& lightly jogged once around.

I took a picture tonight but I am not comfortable posting it just yet.. I understand that no-one is comfortable with posting it but I plan on hanging it on my mirror to remind myself every morning for now.

My goals for tomorrow are:
I want to increase walking to 10-12 minutes, pick up the pace, and 2x a day. Bring my calorie intake up to at least 1600- I feel I am cranky and I'm pretty sure its due to the low calorie intake.. Also get more water in.

Wish me luck!
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