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November 21st, 2008, 08:19 PM
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I'm here!!! Just busy as usual... LOL We lost another manager at work... this time the STORE MANAGER He "left to persue other interests" today I am not sure how I feel about it. I have mixed emotions. I liked the guy as a person (he was pretty funny sometimes) but have had better managers in the past. We are now literally half staff. We are short 6 now.

I am not sure I can physically do it anymore. I wish I could start FMLA now, but I want to wait until after my little guy is born. I would rather have the time with him. Part of me knows if I don't get out of there soon I will be in pre-term labor. I swear I walk 5 miles a day during a 9 hr shift. My feet are swollen so bad after I get out and for the first time in my life I have hemmoroids (sp?) Most nights I just want to come home and cry. I didn't want my pregnancy to be like this. I LOVE being pregnant and want to be able to enjoy it without all this pain.

Okay enough whining We are painting the baby's room tonight! Well starting it anyways. I changed my mind on the bedding and got a different set. We did have this one....

but I decided I like this one better....
Our local stores didn't have it, so I ordered it from a store near my sister. She is picking it up tomorrow and will bring it on turkey day I did get the border, valance and wall hangings at our store. I think I am going to get the mobile and possibly the lamp tomorrow. I have to somehow find another roll or two of border. The set is discontinued so it might be a bit difficult but I am up for a challenge.

We did the bottom of the walls dark brown and the top light brown. We bought the crown molding and chair rail today. They will be white. I still have to get base molding and new bi-fold doors for the closet. The ones on it now are way outdated and won't work with the crown molding. They get in the way.... and I really LOVE crown molding. We have slowly put it through out the house. I want to stencil blue and or green stars on the upper part of the wall. Just not sure how it will look or how exactly to space them out.

This is the crib and changing table we got. I still have to buy the dresser, but I am having a hard time getting it. I don't want to pay shipping and we can't order it into the store directly. I am trying to figure out a way around the $65 delivery charge

I am REALLY happy with the furniture. I wasn't sure I would love it, but I do. I finally feel like I made a decision on the nursery and it was the right one. Before I was so undecided. I will post pics as soon as I can. My hard drive is full and I can't even get my Nikon program to even open anymore. I feel like I am a mess right now....LOL

In other news.... my daughter got her first AF yesterday. She is 14. Man she is miserable though! LOL Sucks being a girl!

Oh and Dave's dad has been really into taking care of his grandson and decided Dave's car wasn't safe, so he told him to sell it and gave us another $2000 to buy a better vehicle. So now we are shopping for a minivan. Looks like we have enough for a 2000 or newer. I HATE taking handouts, but he was very serious about wanting to give it to us...this man is such a sweetie. Not long ago he gave us money to finish the roof...on the condition we start with the part above HIS GRANDCHILDS room. LOL

I think that is about it for updates from me and my crazy life. 10weeks6days to go!!!!!!!!! I really need to buy a car seat.....

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