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February 4th, 2006, 08:28 PM
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Hi, my name is Mandy and this is my first time posting at this site. This pregnancy was definally unplanned, BUT IT IS TOTALLY LOVED AND WANTED! On January 4th of this year I was raped and, I went to the hospital the morning after the rape and they gave me the morning after pill. But about 2 weeks later I still did not have my period and a few days later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. It took about a day or two to get over the shock, but then I became happy, and I figured that god wanted me to be pregnante. This baby is going to turn a horrible experience into something beautiful. As the next week and a half go by I am getting more happy and excited about this baby. Everyday I am falling more inlove with my child.
I have been spotting for about a week and a couple days. I went to the doctor and was checked said my uterus felt like I was 6-7 weeks preg, he checked all my hormone levals and they all were normal. He said 40% of women spot during the first trimester of pregnanacy. Everything was ok I felt all the normal mild cramps in the place were my uterus because it was growing. Then yesterday came and i had a pain in my left side and abdom. for about a half hour and it was gone with passing of gas and a bowl movement. So i thought it was just part of the preg. gas (still paraying that is what is was). Thwn later on that night I had a cramp in my left side again, it went away but was followed with spotting that was redder then usual. So I decided to go to the er, and they checked me said my cervix was closed. And the redder blood went away and my reg spotting continued. They sent me for a ultrasound. I have a history of ovarion cyst, so I am thinking that the pain I felt was a cyst. They also checked my levals which are good they are a 2104 that is good for how far into my preg I am. They did an ultrasound and could not find a pregnancy in my uterus. And they saw thw "sac" like thing on my left ovary. So they are assuming that it is a ectopic pregnancy. I told them they are wrong. So they called my ob doctor and he also thinks they are wrong. He told me that you can not even detect a pregnancy on an ultrasound until your levals go to 3000 (mine was 2104) He thinks that they saw they cyst on my ovary. He told me to go home and come in to his office on Monday. Which is good, but I am a emotional, scared nervus wreck. I feel that everything is ok, but I am still scared. I have no pain and the spotting is the normal spotting that I have had, that the doctor said was ok. Getting through tomm. will prob be the hardest day.
If anyone has any advice or support PLEASE! Thanks so much for listening.
God Bless all of you and you little babies you have growing in side!
Thanks Mandy
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