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November 23rd, 2008, 07:04 PM
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I wanted to thank everyone who voted on my baby name and give a little update. I found out today that we are having a girl. I have been debating over names with hubby and the one that we agree on so far is Maylan. May in Vietnamese means cloud. Lan means orchid. I am still working on the middle name.

Maylan Pearl
Maylan Alena.
Maylan Lillianna
Maylan Lily

lol. I have no clue. I have several weeks unto she is due so I have time. The boy name was SO much easier for me to decide on. I had had it picked out for years. No boy in our future, unless the ultrasound was read wrong. I started scheduling a tubal for after the baby arrives today at my appt.

If you want to give your opinion, I am up for suggestions.
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