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November 24th, 2008, 06:14 AM
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ian was named after my step dad
ewan was a name i really liked and the only one we could agree on!
kyle was a name we didnt hear much of which i liked (he has john lewis as middle names after his grandads) but the day he was born, there were 4 kyles born in the same small hospital
louie was named after his grandad. he never liked louis and always got called louie so we went for that
sadie is a variation of sarah. my nan was sarah patricia and the most important person in my life until she passed away and i always said if i had a girl i wanted her named after my nan. sarah would have been odd cos its my name but sadie was a pretty variation

ian - god is gracious
ewan - youth
kyle - fair and handsome
louie - famous warrior
sadie - princess

Friends are the family you choose yourself and I love my JM sisters!
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