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November 25th, 2008, 04:36 AM
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I switched back to my previous MW and I had my first appt. with her yesterday. I couldn't remember when my LMP was so I wrote down June 28th and just told her that that probably wasn't accurate - I couldn't remember when exactly it was, but it was somewhere towards the end of June. I then told her that based off my LMP (from when I knew it) and from my 31 day cycle I was due 3-26 and that my previous MW had me at 3-25. Well, my MW took my June 28th guess as if that WAS my LMP and told me that I'm due on April 4/5. I told her, "no.... I'm due at the end of March, I just can't remember my LMP anymore, but my due date is at the end of March".

Well, she pretty much ignored me and measured me and was like "well, you're measuring 21 weeks..." DUH!!! I measured small with dd as well! Don't you remember this? You WERE my MW.

As soon as she left I got on the computer and looked up my LMP and told her the correct date of June 16th with a 31 day cycle. Then she said, "well, we'll see what the u/s says".... Um... NO! I'm in the 2nd trimester! We all know that sonograms done after the first trimester are not that accurate in calculating due dates!

And no, I'm not concerned about what my actual due date is because baby will come whenever, however I'm very annoyed that my MW isn't listening to me and suggesting crap that's not accurate! I feel like I can't win I wish I was more confident to have an unassisted birth but I'm not.
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