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February 5th, 2006, 01:44 PM
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Hey! Good for you for telling him how you feel. It's never good to keep things inside for too long. My philosophy is to let people know if I'm hurt or angry so that there's at least a chance for things to get better. If you don't let people know when they're hurting you, they'll keep doing it because they may not realize how badly it's affecting you (and trust me, sometimes, it's like "how the heck could they NOT know they're hurting me by the way they're acting!!!??). That's just human behaviour for ya!

If he treated you very well before the pregnancy, then it's most likely that he's scared. Especially because of his ex. He's probably so worried that if he lets this little baby, and you for that matter, into his fragile and hurting heart, that he'll just get crushed again. And unfortunately, his ex really messed that up for you guys!! But things are made to be broken, and then fixed up again!!! It's not an impossible feat to get him to trust you and the baby. It might be a good idea for you both to talk to someone. You're both dealing with a lot right now and maybe a pro can help mend some of this for you guys. He may also find it helpful to find a support group with people who are in similar situations so that he can have someone to relate to. Kind of like you with this place.

I hope everything works out and let us know what happens!

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