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February 5th, 2006, 02:48 PM
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Hi, thank you so much for you thoughts! Yes the person who did this, I knew him, I loved him very much at one time. We were together and lived together. We broke up in October, but were still kinda "seeing each other" until the beginning to middle of Dec. Then I broke it of completly because I knew it was time for us both to move on. He could not handle it, he had a manic depression problem as it was. He could not take it. After a while of him calling me as much as 20 times a day, showing up at my apt when ever he wanted. Waiting in my apt lobby for 7 hours one time for me to come home from work. He lost it completly. One night he came over to my house we argued I told him it was over he needed to move on I told him I was seeing someone (for like the tenth time, he would not get that throgh his head) and than he went totally crazy. Beat and raped me. Yes he is in jail now, the next day I pressed charges because I knew if I didnt something more horrible could happend. I knew he needed help and this was the only way he could get it. He has been in jail for about a month now. He will be in there until he is sentenced unless he can make bail, but at 75,000 it is hard because he is a catagory 4 that means either cash or something worth that much like your house or something, and he does not own a home and does not have 75,000 cash. I still care about him and I know the person who did this to me is not the person I fell in love with. I pray and hope everyday that he gets the help he needs and becomes the man he used to be.

Thank you so much for you thoughts, they mean alot. I have a doc appt tomm, I am praying that it will be ok. I will let everyone know how they turn out!
Thanks so much!
God bless you and all your little ones!
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