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February 5th, 2006, 04:44 PM
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hi. even though i am born and raised in Quebec, I am actually first language English. I can speak french, but really I am not very good and have a pretty noticeable accent and my vocab is way off. I try though. Obviously it is essential to speak it when you live here, but unfortunately I grew up in an english town so I didnt really learn french till about 6 years ago.
I guess there arent any catholic hospitals around here because they idea of a doctor not taking a patient for any moral reasons like that is rather inheard of to me.
are you hoping for a girl? I didnt have any intuition with my son, but i kept accidentally calling "It" him, so maybe deep down I did and just didnt realise hehe. by the way your preggo belly is very cute I miss being preggo.

Thank you Rawisner for the Siggy!

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