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February 6th, 2006, 07:18 AM
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Hey Momie2006,
Hmmmmm So your best friend is an u/s tech, huhn??? hehehe...Any chance she could take a look at the pics and give her professional guess? If so, on the website to vote, in the spot where you have to put your name, she could put Ultrasound Tech...That way I'll know who she is and what she thinks on professional level....
Hehehe...I'm so DYING TO KNOW!! I can't take this anymore!!! I read what you wrote, then went back and looked at all the pics, and in the pic titled Pic#1, looks to me like a definate "hamburger" (top left of the pic), but then I tried making sense of the baby's position going by that, and I couldn't figure it I'm sort of thinking that it wasn't really the "hamburger".
Well if you could have her just take a look, that would be sooooo great if she wouldn't mind (But I know it sucks to work all day, then come home and work some more!!! I used to be a hairstylist, so I know all about that!!!).
Thanks for the reply! Oh and also, my mom just came back from Lafayette, LA, and she hasn't stopped raving about the awesome food! She's going to be making us some seafood gumbo in the next week or so!! Any suggestions on what to make along with it?

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