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February 6th, 2006, 07:29 AM
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Hmmmm well definately MILK MILK MILK!!! Then there's hotdogs with lots of onions, chocolate chip cookies, and pistaccio iced cream which I CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE so that craving keeps going unanswered!!! But I got me some mint chocolate chip iced cream for now, and that's super yummy!!!

The other day, I woke up at 8am, had about 5-6 crepes, then at about 11am, was starving somehow, so I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Ate that, but somehow was even more hungy then before the sandwich, so I heated up some left over jasmine rice (like, a full supper portion...I'm talking full plate size!!), made myself a stir-fry to put on top of the rice...and devoured that! Then I had some cookies (5 of them) and was still hungry so I had a big bowl of iced cream!
Then my best friends bacholette party was that night, so at 6pm, after eating all of that already, I went to her place and ate about 4 slices of pizza. BIG SLICES!!!
Then I go to bed after I get home at about 2am and made myself eggs and toast!! What's wrong with me!!! lol
Well, the doc is pleased with my weight gain, as I've finally, after losing 10 at the begining, and somehow not being able to put the weight back on for months, am back to my original weight before I was preggers!! So 120lbs again! But judging by my eating habits lately,...I'll probably be shooting past that in NO TIME!!! I'll be the big fat cow who ate your house! Watch for me, I'll be on the news!!! jk!

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