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February 6th, 2006, 08:34 AM
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I was on a grapefruit kick for awhile but that has gone away. I absolutely love Whoppers from Burger King (was not a big fast food fan pre-pregnancy) but I can't eat those right now because of the gestational diabetes.

I've been eating very heathly...but so far I'm only eating to keep me and the baby heathly as I can't afford (with gestational diabetes) to give in to some of the really great cravings (like ice cream and donuts).

I plan on going on an eating binge after the baby's born, hehehe (but just for a day or two).

I don't understand how some women can get non-food cravings. When my mother was pregnant with my little sister, she would crave cigarrette ashes (I know, gross). She kept wanting to lick her finger and dip it into the ashtray. It was such a strong craving that my dad, sister, and I had to hide all of the ashtrays. My little sister (well, she's 30 now) is an intelligent, beautiful person, so thankfully the craving didn't harm her.

I love my 3 girls and little boy:

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