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February 6th, 2006, 09:59 AM
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Hey Brigitte,
How Crazy!!!! I'm a hairdresser too..... I own my own shop here in New Orleans Called Up'Sa Daisy.

I will definitly tell my friend about this site so she can tell what she thinks. You know I'm 19 weeks along right now and having a girl. That is so weird that they will not tell you....come down here and they will Hey..if it makes you feel better..I think ever girl that is a hairdresser should have a girl!!!! I think were asking for it
My ulrasound pics look very similar to yours and mine were done at 15 weeks and 18 weeks. You know they say little girls in the womb are very swollen and are still developing so I had someone who didn't know what I was having, look at my ultrasound pic and say it's a boy huh? She wasn't a professional but that just goes to show you that sometimes the little girls' look like a boy....but let me assure you I went nuts after she said that because I kept thinking..."What if it is a boy?" That's when my friend looked at 18 weeks and said no way! This is a girl 100%. She said at 18 weeks and so on... When did you get yours?????? She said unless the penis is hiding..which is rare..a penis is not just going to grow at 18 would have been there a long time ago. By the way...your belly looks very similar to mine! Are your breasts like huge???? My doc told me from the very beginning that if you have a girl... her estrogen comes through you and makes them huge!!!! Everyone gets big, but If you look at a women having a out!lol Sorry this is long, but write to talk to you more I'll tell you about this New Orleans food! Lafayatte is nothing!!!!
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