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November 29th, 2008, 11:39 AM
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hello my name is Sarah. im 20 years old. married to my soul mate. im joinin this group cuz i had 2 misscarriages.. im still dealin wit the lost of my 2 angels in heaven. i got 2 other sons also but i still miss my angels. theres not a day that goes by. il post the storys on here later. everyone just keeps tellin me i need to forget about them. im like no im not forgetting them. theres no way i can forget my angels.. everyone acts like im suppose to act like im suppose to just act like it never happened.. but i really dont think anyone has has losses so they dont know how it feels.. its a tobbile thing to go threw.. yes i was young when i had my misscarriages but that dont make me a bad person. at leeast i dont think so. wat do yal think? i cry over them alot... well i guess thats all for now.. hope to hear from yal ladies soon
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