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February 6th, 2006, 03:10 PM
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Hey Galanisb,
No prob! And actually I may have a chance! Someone replied to my post about her best friend being an u/s tech so I've asked her to ask her friend to take a look. So keep your fingers crossed that she'll be able to see a little weewee or na-na! Ha! Who needs doctors when you know people who know people! hehe!

For sure let us know how things go with your guy. I just can't see him bailing on you or the baby since he's so good with his other daughter. He'll come around, I just think he'll need some coaxing! And girls are good at that!!!

Take care, keep us posted! And give your little beaner a tummy hug for me! Do you have any pics of your belly? I love seeing bellies!![/b]

ill be crossing my fingers that you find out what your having by the person that belly pictures actually not even showing..i think its because im a little bigger then what im suppose to be wanna no whats weird(well to me hehe) when i lay on my side for a long time then go on my back my stomach is actually hard but sometimes its like theres nothing there..normal? you have a cute belly! when is your due date?? oh yeah by the way my name is sandy hope to talk to u soon!

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