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November 30th, 2008, 02:22 PM
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With Precious (now 4.5 years old) I had no issues, she latched on as soon as she was born and it was smooth till she refused to nurse. She laughed, literally when I latched her on, but by that time she was walking and 8 months old (walked at 7 months old)...and was overweight (she lost it after one year old)

With Trinity, it was piece of cake, second baby BTDT no big deal. I had so much milk that whenever I took off my bra, it would stream out to 10 directions like a fountain...

How lucky was I the third time?

When Jordan was born, he could not latch. His touch was always stuck to the roof of his mouth that even a bottle was an issue because it was getting under the toungue and he couldnt feed like that...I struggled so much at the hospital to latch him, and he finally got it by week 1. I had a lot of milk too.

At six weeks, I went back to work with my breast pump. One day I had a lot of milk to bring home, and the next day I pumped and the total for all sessions was half an ounce. JUST HALF. It countinued like that for two weeks despite what I tried. I contacted a LC from LLL and it was a stugglke.

I got myself a hospital grade pump (Ameda) and Fernugreek and started on a different level. I was surprised to produce 2oz a day that week, then it went to 2 oz per session, to 4 oz per session and now I take home at least 12-15oz.

At times, when I am overworked or stressed at work, I do not get much...pretty understandable. My son Jordan is now 4 months and I have been persistent for the last 2.5 months and I am not anywhere close to giving up. I want him on breast milk and I pray that God will grant me the desire of my heart everyday.

Unfortunately, I have been on this alone. DH thinks I should try so hard to breast feed since we have formula. My PCP (not my doc anymore) once asked me if I have any stress factors in my life and I mentioned the fact that I do not have enough breast milk and he looked at me and said, "Then give your baby formula that is the reason formula is there" Very unfortunate, but I am still determined because in this life, I choose what is worth working at and I pursue it with all my heart with, or without support.

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