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February 6th, 2006, 08:14 PM
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Its been a while since i've posted here. but i thought i'd see what ya'll think about whats going on.

Ok so when my ex husband and i did our childsupport paperwork we agreed on an amount . And in our paperwork we agreed to do it through the state. Well i turned in all i had to DCSE . But my ex just paid me personally. So when i went in to change my address the courts told me i had to change my address with DCSE and i said well my ex isn't paying thru them . And the court clerk pointed out that it specificly states in our order that he should be paying thru dcse. So i went and filled out all the papers needed, and since i had all my ex's info (since he joined the military ) i sent in all that and sent in what payments i had kept track of . I had kept track of a little over 8,000 worth of payments since October of '04. our support started in June of '04 and i can't say what he paid between june and october, all i know is it wasn't what he was supposed to pay and thats why i started keeping track in October.
So i did all this and told him what (and why ) i did. So i get a call from DCSE saying that they are going to take from him the regular support and in addition a portion of the remaining balance per month. And that they had subtracted the amount i had received personally from him, from the total balance that he owed the state from the time our order was inforced.
Well he gets the letter in the mail stateing that he owes money to the state, besides the regular monthly payment. and gets all pissed off (he hasn't been paying on time or the right amount since his wife took paying the payments. His mom was doing the payments for him because he is in korea with the army(her payments were ontime). before he left to korea he was paying his own payments and wasn't paying on time ) . So anyways. I told him to contact DCSE and deal with them about it, and if he has receipts of payment he can turn them in to prove what he paid.

Well the first payment came out of his pay and he sends me an email saying 'i hope you enjoy the extra money because when my mom gets my info to DCSE i'm going to get it back.'
I just didn't say anything.

I plan on putting the extra i get into an account for my son's college, so that way if DCSE decides they've paid me too much i have the money. and if they never decide to favor his side then it will go to good use.
Its funny that he is mad at me about this, if he would have just done his part in the begining he'd have nothing to prove. And i know that he did screw me over royally at first, so i'm happy he has to pay more and deal with this. The last 2 payments he was supposed to pay he sent me an email saying he couldn't pay because he had to fix his truck. And his mom told me i should stop lying to the state and tell them he paid me everything, and i should tell the state i don't want it to come out of his pay. I told her that i wasn't lying and that she wasn't there every second to see what he did or did not pay me. and i told her that frankly i was tired of everything coming first before his son.

Well I thought i'd just post that finnaly i'm receiveing payments the way i'm supposed to and on time!!!
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