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February 7th, 2006, 03:38 AM
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I mentioned it to my supervisor. Not in a upset way. In a joking way. Said this was a bizarre call. Then told her about it. I said it was mostlikely a wrong number. but what was bizzare the voice sounded so familiar. It didn't offend me. I've gotten weird calls before. Someone insisted our number was one of the local high schools. Or thought we were some other business. I just tell them you miss dialed your number. This is the kitchen of H.W. retirement community. Not this high school or that business. Or I get people calling for employees not in the food service. I tell them how did you get a direct dial number to the kitchen. That person does not work this dept. Please call the main building number. A desk person can connect you to the right dept. Like a bank wanted a housekeeper.
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