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December 2nd, 2008, 03:36 PM
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Kaida actualy sounds okay, Im a little half & half on the name, I think people would prn. it Ka-da like my DF did.

Sadly DF veto'd Kendra, as much as I love it he just wont budge! Its really upset me Ive loved the name since I was little but he utterly hates it.

We were prn. Kamea as Ka-mia but thats prob wrong. DF veto'd that one as well as normal![/b]
Thats too bad that your DH wont even consider Kendra! Its such an cute name and perfect with Logan! haha Tell him that your JM ladies say he has to use it! haha j/k.....MEN UGH! lol

I do really like Kaida and think it goes well with Logan too, but it has to be a name you love, and one everyone else does!

Kamea is cute...but I dont like it as well....

Here are some suggestions of others just for fun:

Ive been told to pass a message on from my 'lovely' DF - he dislikes all those names & he stil wont consider Kendra!
Appreantly Kendra is some blonde haired guy jumping out a plane

God men are so useless! I think I may just beat him to the paper work first if this is a girl!
I guess he's male so therefore - completely annoying!

As much as Id like a girl, Im starting to hope this babys a boy now - make my life easier lol

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