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December 2nd, 2008, 09:59 PM
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There's always going to be atleast one person who has something bad to say about the name/s you pick out! You can't please them all!

My in-laws would prefer traditional names like Christopher and Elizabeth...but, names like those are just not my style at all. Whenever I tell her names we're considering, she says, "Where did you find THOSE???" I prefer names like Sadie and Liam. My sis in law was bashing one of our name choices the other day, and I said "I'm sorry...I just thought you'd be excited for us that we finally picked names we love". She stopped right there!

If I were you, I'd tell your mother in law that you appreciate her suggestions, but you've already made up your mind on the name Noah, you both love it, and you wish she'd share your excitement and be supportive.
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