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December 4th, 2008, 05:13 AM
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Well, I thought we were going to get our first child without me getting pregnant yesterday. Our eight year old nephew called and left a message on DH's cell telling him that he wanted to live with us. He has mentioned a time or two in short calls during the past six months that he isn't really happy with the situation he is living in, but yesterday was the first time he had said he wants to live with us.
Well, I think I have mentioned a time or twelve that DH's brother is not exactly Father of the Year (most of his thinking is done south of the border if you know what I mean) so I figured that DN had pretty much had as much as he could take. BIL works nights and has a live in girlfriend (imagine that) who 'takes care' of DN and her own DD. This is a different girlfriend than the one he had last year (mother of our youngest DN). Did I mention BIL thinks below the equator????
Anyhow, earlier in the day yesterday, DH and BIL were talking and BIL told him that he had told DN there would be no Christmas presents this year because he could not afford them. I mean who tells an eight year old that they are cancelling Christmas???? BIL brings home as much in a week as DH and I do put together and yet he still can't pay his bills. Trying to figure out how you can bring home a couple of thousand dollars a month and still not be able to make ends meet.
After we got the message from DN, DH talked to BIL again and was told that DN was just wanting to go somewhere that he would not have to obey rules. DH accepted this answer, but when he told me, I asked if it could be a case of DN having one set of rules and the other child in the house. When he suggested that to BIL, he was told that DN has rules whereas the girlfriend's DD has no rules due to her not wanting her daughter to hate her for saying 'no'. Hmmmmm. . . as DH would say "very interesting".
MIL and SIL have been telling me since DH and I started talking about getting married almost a year ago that we would likely end up with DN in our house. They know BIL well and say he is lots like FIL, which perhaps DN is a bit like both of them too (could be part of the issue with the BIL and DN). The only excuse either of them can come up with for DH and his twin brother being so different is that BIL was born with DH's umbilical cord around his neck so he was oxygen deprived for two minutes at birth (SIL says that explains why BIL is 'brain damaged'. . . her words not mine).
I need to get some more sleep since I work until 11 pm. So I will end my DN and BIL rant for the moment. At least now I feel like I can go to bed and sleep. I feel bad for DN but I don't want DH and I to get pulled into the whole drama unless it is truly in the best interest of DN. I won't let our home known as the place DN can go to in order to get whatever he wants.

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