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December 4th, 2008, 06:50 PM
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I can't stand most of the DDC's because everyone is so uneducated. Most people post false information involving pregnancy. Or they just post the most blatantly OBVIOUS ###### like... "don't drink alcohol when you're pregnant" That's just a wee bit annoying.

I really did enjoy being in the November DDC though. The July DDC is just kind of BLAH and full of dummies sometimes.[/b]
I'm sorry if this is going to sound dumb but you were once in the Nov DDC? Thats my DDC and thats why I asked.

I dont really care for mine either. For the most part the girls are nice but ever since the beginning theres been little clicks and I cant help but notice a lot of the girls that arent in those clicks when they post their posts dont really get much attention. Mine were the same way so I dont post there as much but when I do I try to post to the posts thats everyone's overlooked.

Yeah, I was there for a little while. I was due November 6th.

And I don't think you're a dummy, Amy.

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