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February 7th, 2006, 05:46 PM
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yah, that's right i tested neg. with my son and a week later tested positive and well now he's 19m and as busy of a boy as ever let see i tested oct.17th and then again on oct.30. and along came a 8 1/2 lb boy july 1st of 2004 and then with this lil girl i tested the first day of my missed peirod and the line showed up before i could even stand up to zip up my jeans i was totally shocked i didn't really give it a thought i was at my sisters and she had an extra test laying around and i was like hay i'm spossed to be on my period today she said i have a test you can take ( not being seirous ) and me being borad and wanting some entertainment said ok i'll take the test and low and behold to my vary suprized self it was positive THAT I NEVER EXPECTED so moral of my story NEVER GET BORAD AT YOUR SISTERS HOUSE hay but good luck to you and you'll have to keep us updated
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