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December 5th, 2008, 12:58 PM
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People who do this make me angry. When I was pregnant with Cora I worked at a gas station and there was a woman who was 2/3 months further along than me who would come in 3 times a week to buy cigarettes. I never said a word to her. You know why? She knows it's bad for her and the baby. Every smoker I have ever known has known that cigarettes aren't good for them. And even if she didn't know, it's not my business to tell her, it's her doctor's place.

I'm sorry that she said that to you honey. I'd be mad too. After all, while chocolate isn't particularly good for you, it isn't really all that bad either. It's not one of the "don't ever eat this while you're pregnant" foods. You eat it if you want to!
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