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December 5th, 2008, 04:34 PM
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i still don't understand why people think just b/c you are pregnant or a new mom they get to tell you their unsolicited opinions or advice.[/b]
SERIOUSLY! And the unsolicited touching as well...but please don't get me started on the touching...

Anyhow, I am currently eating hot Cheetos (which I have NEVER liked) and a Reese's Big Cup. I have a special glare I reserve for anyone who insists on having a comment regarding my choice of cuisine. Since my face looks so young, I often get the "that teen mother has no idea what harm she's doing" looks and comments...but I don't bother explaining to folks how 80% of my diet is organic fruits and veggies...not to mention the fact that I'm 26!!! Some people really have nerve.

Thank you Mod-MommaTrish for my gorgeous siggy!!!

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