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December 5th, 2008, 07:42 PM
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The birth experience of Samantha is something I'm starting to emotionally heal from. I think it's probably because of things that have happened since.

We went to a rally for funded midwife coverage in May 5, 2008. It was both Samantha's and my first rally ever. Since the birth of my dd, I've worked with two MLA's to get midwifes funded. The doulas and midwives of Alberta have already done most (if not all) the work to get it done but the problem politically seemed to be by funding midwives, they financially benefitted. So my second MLA and I were able to help finish the work. My story was one that had no financial gain and my MLA is a new politician trying to build a profilio. At a stampede breasfast he told me that it's going to be done come September or October. I was so happy that I called my doula! Obviously this promise has been told to her a time or two because she said we'll wait and see. With him working hard behind the scenes, on October 16, 2008 midwivery was announced to be funded in Alberta. I feel incredibly proud to be part of the reason why. My MLA sent me the transcripts of the announcement said in the House of Commons and I have it framed to show Samantha. Obviously all of this has helped me to heal..

I re-read my story and I wanted to add that Samantha is 100% vax-free and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I posted my journey on researching vaccines in my profile for anyone to see. I will say I again feel robbed and yet blessed at my treatment by the CHR because if they wouldn't have treated me so badly I would have vaccinated my dd believing in the greater good of vaccines. So in the end, I helped to get midwivery funded, learned more about immune systems, became an advocate for informed vaccine choices and overall have taken control of my dd's health in a way I never thought I could. I've learned more about why other's mom's opinions matter equally or greater than a doctor's (allopathic) opinion. I feel empowered to help other moms now through the first stages and may one day become a homeopath because of everything.

I'm humbled to have learned so much through JM and I'm so thankful to JM for being a wonderful resource for moms. If I didn't have JM, I wouldn't be here today. I think I'm done adding to my birth story so thank you to anyone who read it all.


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