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February 7th, 2006, 11:50 PM
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I'm ready to be done with this whole pregnant stuff it was great a cupple of months ago now it's just horriable i got PUPPS (what i call the pregnant chicken pocks) and my ribs hurt my back hurts my feet are fat looking my face is puffy my hair is just not the same my skin is breaking out i'm hungry all the time i can't hardly get any food in me cuz she's taking up so much room my pelvic bones hurts she been in the head down position for 4-5weeks and she droped 4weeks ago but she some how manages to still have her lil butt up in my ribs her feet kick at my ribs(it hurts so bad) it feels like she's trying to scratch her way out (i dont know how else to describe it) but it feels like nails scratching at me from the inside and to top it off i get contractions all day long for weeks now and all day i was leeking some clear watery stuff that my dr. said is from her pushing on my bladder so i guess i'm peeing on myself now well i find out tomrrow what i'm leeking so how's it going OH JUST GREAT. JUST GREAT IF I WASN'T THE ONE GOING THROUGH ALL THIS AND IF MY HUBBY SAYS TO ME ONE MORE TIME I WOULD DO IT FOR YOU IF I COULD I WILL LOOSE IT CUZ WE BOTH KNOW HE WOULD NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THIS HE WOULD BE ACTING LIKE A BABY CRYING I CANT DO THIS MEN ARE SUCH BABIES i just want my baby girl to hurry up and get done bake-n- already i would be so much happier if she was here seeing her cute lil face would make all my b#####ness go away so any ways i wish every one else luck!!!!!
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