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December 7th, 2008, 11:47 AM
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So it's been a few days since that horrible day and he still hasn't brought up the subject at all. All he is concerned about is getting rid of the cyst so that the BDing can restart...Only a man would think like that. Me, I'd rather get the cyst gone so the pains will stop....Oh well...This morning, he was saying that he wanted this and wanted that and that he always gets what he wants cause he's the man of the house (LOL). i looked right at him and said that not everyone gets what they want....I didn't want to start a fight, but I couldn't help it...Oh well...He didn't get the hint...

It's now 17 dpo and I'm still only spotting (if you call it that). I can only think that the OHSS has screwed up my cycle, so who knows when AF is coming. I thought that she would have been here already, especially with what the u/s tech said the other day about my lining being so thick....I know that I overrode my CHs on FF, but it still only changed it by a couple of days. My cycles are not usually this long, but that's okay. As long as the cyst goes away....


Love to share pics on my facebook....

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