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December 9th, 2008, 06:14 AM
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With 1st DS I was induced and it was a terrible, long process. They had me check in Wednesday evening and did Cervidil overnight. Thursday morning they started me on pitocin and slowly bumped it up all day long. My cervix didn't make much progress that day even after a day full of horrible contractions. So Thurs night they did cervidil again. Friday morning it was right back on pitocin and I was finally making progress and dilating. My contractions were just terrible for the 2nd day on pitocin and I got an epidural at 3 cm. Then I stopped I dilating but was till on th pitocin all Fri. Fri afternoon they broke my water and I made a little more progress with dilating but I was so worn out and my contractions were still just taking so much out of me because I had a crappy epidural. They tried to redo they epi and my entire body up to my neck went numb at this point. I was freaking out! My OB wanted to schedule me for c section and said it would be done when she got back from dinner. Luckily right after she left I fully dilated to 10 cm and DS head was crowning and I was able to have a vaginal delivery, but this was just a horrible 2 days for me.

With 2nd, DD, I was almost 2 full week overdue! I was walking everyday in the freezing cold January Wisconsin weather and trying everything else I could to help my body. It was a Friday afternoon and I was vacuuming the living room when my water broke. I was SO EXCITED! I went to the hospital at about 4 pm and was able to walk and use a birth ball and sit in a glider for a while while working through contractions. Finally at about midnight it was time, but my doctor was stuck in the dang blizzard trying to get there! He showed up just minutes after 1 am, I pushed twice and out came my precious little girl. I did it with no drugs, no epi, all natural and it was amazing! Especially in comparison with DS delivery.

I'm hoping this 3rd is as easy as my 2nd and I'm really excited about our water birth!

ETA: I was induced 12 days before my EDD with my 1st due to horrible PUPPS rash that was making me miserable and they were worried DS was going to be "too big" to deliver...he was 9 lb 3 oz.

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