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December 10th, 2008, 11:43 AM
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So I know I'm dwelling on this, but let's face it, what else do I have to do?
I'm looking for information or opinions on being overdue from a natural standpoint. Of course I've put a lot of thought into this, because I'm anxious to have my baby and if I have no control over the situation, I guess the next best thing is to analyze it to death
We all know that due dates can be very inaccurate. Most are based off of LMP, but now, I see so many doctors changing them long after the 1st and even 2nd trimester of pregnancy, despite LMP or early ultrasounds. This due date is based off of when I ovulated, since we were charting, so by LMP I would have been due the 3rd, but I know the 8th is much more accurate. Unfortunately, I don't think there are statistics based off of ovulation due dates, because it's not common. Abigial was born on her due date (based off of ovulation again) and 5 days late by LMP. I always keep this in mind with due dates, because it really put it into perspective for me, especially when a woman goes a few days or a week past her due date.
I can't help but to feel almost inadequate right now. Why isn't my body doing what it is suppose to? I look at all of these other women (not including scheduled inductions and c-sections) and they are going into labor on thier own at 39-40 weeks. I think, chances are, their due date is off by a few days. So why haven't I gone into labor yet? Why are thier bodies or babies ready and not mine?
I'm just trying so hard to relax and put it all into perspective, especially from a natural standpoint. It's just fustrating to not be able to enjoy the pregnancy anymore and yet not have it over with either. I thought I did so well keeping myself occupied and not getting myself too anxious about it all until about a week ago, then it's all set in. Knowing that it could be anytime, but not know when.
So help me out here, any stories of your own about going overdue or links you can share with me with information?
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