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December 10th, 2008, 03:28 PM
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To compare to the last pregnancy, I have been much more relaxed about it.
With Abigail, once I hit that magical 37 week point and was told "You are dilated and effaced" I had that idea that she was ready to come out NOW. I think a lot of first time moms are like that though, you hear the words "full term" and assume that the baby is coming then. So I tried everything, I started EPO, we had sex every few days, walking, sitting on my exercise ball and I even tried castor oil. Nothing worked, and that led me to realize that every baby comes on thier own time (although we did DTD and I went into labor an hour later, I can't be sure that definitely sparked my labor, because it hasn't this time!)
With this pregnancy, I vowed to make the end more enjoyable. I let the 37 week mark come and go and not blink and eye, knowing I wouldn't realistically have this baby before even 39 weeks. I started taking EPO and drinking RRL tea, knowing neither would put me into labor, but help prepare my body. Other than that, I haven't done anything drastic to get labor going, besides DTD. I feel it doesn't hurt, since sperm contains prostaglandins, which can help prep the cervix, even if it doesn't put me into labor. I've been much more active this time, but more because I'm more active now than I was before DD was born. I don't truely believe that walking will put me into labor, so I'm not going to over do myself with it. I enjoy being more relaxed about it, instead of thinking every little walk or thing I try may put me into labor and being on edge about it. I've done my best to just relax and not stress about it, because I have no control over it anyway. I just hate being on edge a little bit knowing that it could happen anytime and I have no idea when that is. (I even learned from last time and have taken a nap everyday in case I have another night labor) I've had all the positive signs of losing my plug for weeks now, lots of BH's, and other little things, but I know that when it happens, it will happen very spontaneously and all of the prep my body has been doing for weeks now will come in handy!
I'll be honest, induction would be a little tempting right now, but I'm thankful that I have midwives and will let it happen naturally instead of the risk of forcing induction for being overdue. I think it's hard to lose sight of what is important at this point of pregnancy, so I'm glad I have others to keep me in check.
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