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December 10th, 2008, 05:57 PM
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You know what is silly? I look at you and go, oh 40+2 your still FINE an I'm only TWO DAYS ahead of you feeling like I have more to moan and groan about. It's so silly!

I know it's all a mind set. Every day seems worst than the last as the numbers tick by. I google words like "effaced cervix" and there is just so many over medicalized info pages and women who believe to hard that their bodies won't birth a baby because of their effacement, dilation, etc., at the time. I'm pretty sure in our DDC alone that it's like 10-20% of mothers who have gone into spontaneous labor, the rest have been induced or had c-sections. It's hard to be around others that really see so many flaws in the female body and believe it. Those thoughts end up slipping into our minds.

My comfort? 50 years ago NO ONE knew these things. Babies were born fine and dandy. My MIL, mom and DH's grandmother said all their babies came "late". Who's to say what the statistics are off of these days with all the interventions?

Lets remind ourselves too how there are articles and research starting out there how the rise in pictocin use has correlated with autism. .. . . not that I have that option with a home birth midwife, but you might if you are birth center birthing?

Again, the only thing that is REALLY getting me extra hormonal about it all is the calls "is the baby here yet".

I know our bodies seem like one big mystery to us now.... but think how clockwork things like our periods were. Our bodies knew what to do then, why not now!? Think of how stress did make a difference in other experiences in life. Stress often makes me physically ill. I'd think you' be more comforted that baby will come since you've had one already. Me, I feel like somehow I can convince myself babies NEVER DO come because he is just this little mystery in there I've never seen! I've barely been around babies myself too.

I'm trying to hope that all my induction attempts are at least a bit "fun" so it's not like hard work. (sex, nipple stimulation, beer, spicy food) I'm surely trying HARD though these days two days.
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