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December 10th, 2008, 07:42 PM
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I know, it's so silly and I really wish they never put dates on pregnancy. I was thinking about it tonight and it actually makes it harder to break it into weeks and have a "due date". I know there needs to be something in place or women would never know when to expect a baby to come, but then we can't help but to fixate on that date. I think it would actually be easier for US not to fixate on it, if everyone else wasn't also. I really want to distance myself from everyone until then, because just talking about it and being reminded that I haven't had the baby yet, makes it worse.
I just wish there were more true statistics out there. You're right, there have been so few actual spontaneous labors in our DDC, there's no way to even get a true comparison. I would love to see when women REALLY go into labor, just to give me some hope that I won't be pregnant another 2 weeks. It's hard being a mom for the first time, and not knowing when you will go into labor. Having gone into labor with Abigail when I did though, I was sure that this baby would be born within a few days of that, because that seems to be a normal pattern. I feel like my body is just failing me this time or that my labor with her was just a fluke. It's all so fustrating!
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