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December 11th, 2008, 04:04 AM
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Sorry for the delay and not respoding to many posts. We are still sleep deprived and she is cluster feeding. The last was Tues night and lasted 4 hours. I'm trying to hold on to b'feeding but its so hard when going through cluster feeds. Ive been in tears about it so much. I know formula wont hurt her but for 9 months, I've been gearing up for this so its hard letting it go.

Today is Ethanael's last day of school for the holidays so I actually made a schedule so I could do the day as if my dh wasnt here. Did ok, but just have to watch my time. Ethanael loves riding on his buggy board and that gets me there faster than him walking.

We've got a bulk of our Christmas shopping done but I hate shopping here, it's crazyness. You have to go out first thing in the morning and forget weekends.

I want you all to know that I think of all of you daily and I'm so sorry if I haven't responded to posts. Hopefully will be back full swing soon.

Here is her birth photo....I love it, it looks as though she is like, yeah!!! I did it!!!! It's my favorite pic of her.

This is after they cleaned her and weighed her. The outfit she has on is from my 14 year old and my Ethanael wore it so it was tradition that Gabriella wear it too. Don't know if I mentioned this, but all 3 of my children have been born on a Friday!

My sil bought her this little dress, she is so adorable, looks like a little ballerina.

Snowsuit way too

I love these pics, Ethanael was so careful with her and watched everything he did with feeding her, he did such a good job.

Hope you enjoy them.
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