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December 11th, 2008, 06:04 PM
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I'm going to do this in parts as its long.

December 2007

Zac's heart condition was diagnosed prenatally so his story begins there...

Our 20 week anomaly scam was the 5th of December 2007. It was an early morning appointment so that Rodger could attend and still have plenty of time to go to work. We got in the room, and started. She first checked head measurements and they were all good. She then moved onto his heart. For some reason she took the size measurement twice. While she took the second one I had a flash through my head "There's something wrong with the heart". I brushed it aside as paranoia as I had had an odd feeling for the whole pregnancy that something wasn't right. We had had an 18 week scan to check placenta position and everything had looked good then so I could not understand why that feeling persisted. About 5 minutes later she put down the wand, touch my hand and uttered the words I will never ever forget "I think I can see a problem with the heart, I'm just going to get one of the other girls to come in and have a look". Another of the girls came in and between the two of them they got heaps of great pictures of Zac's heart to pass onto the Dr that afternoon.

We returned later in the day to see the Dr. Unfortunately he was in a bad mood and really didn't want to deal with us. Within minutes he told us that he had never seen anything like it before and told us we were best off terminating the pregnancy.

I made an appointment with my OB for the next day and spoke to him instead. He too was very unimpressed by the letter the previous Dr. had written about the U/S. He referred us to a larger hospital and a paediatric cardiologist. The appointment was set for December 27th. Two days after Christmas. I just knew that we would be hearing more bad news. It was that feeling again.

December 27th rolled around and we met with the cardiologist. He spent about an hour looking at Zac' heart on U/S and was able to give us a diagnosis and prognosis. The defects were much more complex than we first thought and Zac would need at least three open heart surguries but odd were in his favour as there were no other defects seen on U/S.

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