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December 12th, 2008, 06:21 AM
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I guess DH forgot we aren't circumcisng I quickly reminded him.

Anyway, a friend of our at work (all our friends are at work! lol) asked me how the MW does circumcision and what would we do if an emergency arose.
I simply told her, "We don't circumcise" and her eyes got huge. "Really?" and I replied, "Yes"..... she says "Is Josh circ?" and I replied "Yes" so again she asked "so why don't you?" and I replied, "There is no medical benefit, it cuts off 1/3 of the penis and 'the stuff' that grows between the foreskin and the tip is supposed to be there to protect the penis, if you cut it off you take away that protection" and she very nicely said, "Oh, I didn't know that". I'm surprised how this went, as she has two very young boys and I thought she would take offense to me not circing, but it ended up being a funny convo

And then she asked about emergencies and I just told her (AND reminded DH - I swear he's deaf), "MW's are better equipped to foresee any emergency because they have to have that training to get their patient to the hospital if need be. Dr's aren't concerned because they're already there at the hospital. If an emergency arises, we'll be transferred to the hospital."

her reply: "Oh, so you're not against going to the hospital then?" and I replied, "No... not at all, not if an emergency arises." I didn't think ppl would assume I'd be so careless to disregard the health of myself and my child..... *sigh*....

Anyway, just wanted to share. Ciao!
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