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December 12th, 2008, 09:41 AM
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This may sound crazy but I am kinda excited and hope she is lol. That way I can get back on track etc. My possible start date is Dec 18th but I never know for sure, that is just what FF is telling me haha. My last was Oct 23. Anyways - I am extremely moody [possible pms ha]my back is starting to hurt a bit but that could be from exercising. My temp was like 97.45 on the 9th and since then it has been going lower [which could mean af is on her way right? I'm new to this] Plus I have been having major headaches...but that could be due to a bratty son & bratty dh? LOL Today's temp is 97.20. So I really hope this is her coming!!! I know, it sounds weird but this has been a very long cycle and I wanna get back on track!!

What do you all think?
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