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December 12th, 2008, 12:00 PM
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Please help. Im tottaly confused.

Last Period
October 09, 2008

Next Period Due
November 19, 2008

Next Ovulation Due
November 05, 2008

I still haven't had Novembers period. but for 5-6 days, around the 6th dec, I had strong ovulation pain It got to a point where I was yelling and having to curl up in a ball on the floor in the middle of doing the dishes and things. Ive never had them that strong before. My CM was strechy and lots of it (which is unusual) but not tottaly clear.

the pain has gone appart from the odd bouts here and there. It takes a week to get an apointment with a doctor round here, (some times more), Im in the UK.

Does any one know what could be going on? Is it likly the pains were ovulation so strong and so long? Also is it possible to ovulate from both ovarys in one month?

I also (sorry long list of moaning stuff! ) I have a nearly constant anoying pain from the top of my pelvic bone and up 2 inches. its not bad or anything, I dont neet to take pain killers for it, but its just there.

Sorry for the moan.I just want to get your guys thoughts on what could be going on.


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