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February 9th, 2006, 02:24 PM
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Hey, Wow! That's definately something you don't see everyday! (thankfully)
Actually, about 2-3 weeks ago, I went to this restaurant, and this fat kid (sorry, I just had to mention he was chubby) starts choking on whatever he was eating...But not like CHOKING choking, just it was stuck in his throat and he was like trying to hack it out, or hork it out more like it, he made a huge spectacle of it! Ew!! I felt bad though, because I know if I had a piece of whatever stuck like that, I'd probably do the same,...But just picture it:
Fat kid, like a little butterball, starts making these disgusting sounds and is practically choking, His even larger mother is yelling at him "stand up!! Cough louder! You shouldn't have tried to eat so fast!! blabla", he's got like rib sauce or whatever all over his face (typical little fat kid) and he's all sweaty....
Listen, I've got absolutely NOTHING against larger people, but this family just grossed me out! This child was about 8 and he had a full order of ribs (comes with fries, veggies and rice!!) PLUS a side of onion rings! Then at the end he had dessert! His parents were just as bad! There was even a little baby in highchair and I swear he weighed more than me..PREGNANT!!
K sorry, I definately rambled on there! I hope never to see someone really come close to death like that!

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