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February 9th, 2006, 03:46 PM
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You arent acting like a baby! I dont know how close he is with his mom but I personally cant stand dating mommas boys! I would have suggested sitting down and talking to him about how you feel about his mother (who is making totally UNNECESSARY hurtful comments about your child) but I know from previous posts that you've tried and it didnt work. For one, I bet if you were having a boy she would want a girl... she seems determined not to accept this pregnancy or this baby, so forget her. If it was my MIL I'd say fine.. you dont want her to be a girl? Dont be around her, dont talk about her. The last thing your child needs is to feel unwanted by a grandmother because she isnt happy with YOU. She should be wishing for you to have a healthy pregnancy rather than a boy! No offense but she seems like a completetly unrational person who cant let go of her GROWN son. I wish for you and the baby that you could work it out between you two but so far it doesnt seem to be happening. Youre a great person, and all your baby needs is you. Keep us posted and enjoy your days of solitude... lol I wonder how I can get my DH to visit someone.... mmmm lol jk
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