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February 9th, 2006, 07:28 PM
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Hey Everyone,
This post isn't that long, but I'm just really ticked right now because I found out two weeks ago that I'm pregnant (found out this past Tuesday that I'm 6 weeks preggers), and my fiance will not stop smoking in the house, as well as the same room that I'm in! I smoked before I found out I was pregnant (about a pack a day, same as my fiance) but I had to quit for the baby's sake so I feel he should care enough to at least smoke outside. I've shown him two different articles, one in a pregnancy book and one in a pregnancy magazine, that show that second hand smoke is basically the same thing as if I were lighting up. Any advice on how to get him to smoke outside? I've tried telling him how it's the same as me smoking, I've shown him the two articles, but nothing has worked.
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