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February 9th, 2006, 08:08 PM
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Thanks for the replies...
I'm still feeling like crap though. My b/f called about half an hour ago from Montreal...And kept saying things like "k, well I'm home now...we went out for dinner and got home about an hour ago...tomorrow we're doing this and that we'll be home around 3..." HOME HOME HOME....Well if that's what you consider home, then what's our place, our appartment together...Our home!!?? Nothing all of a sudden?!
Urgh! I just feel like I'm totally overracting! But I'm just so upset! I hate being a girl with all these hormones!
I don't know...It's just that this is totally out of my hands, I don't want to keep him from his family, but I cringe at the thought of all the small little comments that have been made in my presence and how he just sat there, said nothing, actually laughs at them and thinks it's ok, and now he's alone with her, and who knows what's being said!
And as for the whole work schedule/him helping situation...I dunno! I guess we'll just have to see. I mean, if I end up doing things alone on days that he works, then I can do things without him and his stupid paycheck. I can always go back home to my moms with the baby and do things alone there. We'll just have to see how things play out.
Meh, whatever! I'm just pissed right now! I love him, he's hot, and when I actually get back to having my body to myself, I'll miss the sex if he's gone! hehe...So I'm just talking and venting about things that haven't happened and may not happen. I'm just being a worry wart!
Well thanks again for listening and for the replies! Although advice is ALWAYS appreciated so keep the comments coming!

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