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February 10th, 2006, 07:25 AM
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Well, Valentine's day is coming up really soon, and I am totally out of ideas on what to do to celebrate! I was hoping to go out, but I'm tired of the typical dinner and movie cliché! I called my fav radio station this morning to see if they had any cool ideas (and maybe g/c's to give away ) but all they suggested was a picnic in the livingroom! Boring! Well maybe not boring, but I want to go out! Just because I'm pregnant and can't do very much activity-wise per doctors orders (sciatica and shifting pelvic no skating, bowling, running, name it, I'm probably not allowed!!) doesn't mean I don't have a life and want to seclude myself to my home for the rest of this pregnancy!
Any suggestions?? What are you all doing for Valentine's??


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