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February 10th, 2006, 09:10 AM
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i was lucky. i smoked for a long time too and when the time came that i found out i was preggers i quit very easily. the guy that i was dating didnt quit, but he made sure not to do it around me. there was one time that he did ask though. he was watching his precious football, and didnt feel like going outside. he thought that because i was in my room and he was in the living room it wopuld be okay. just to be sure he came in and asked (which i was happy about) i really was not in the mood to argue or anything so i told him that he was an adult and had to make decisions for himself. then i added that it wasnt good for the baby and let him decide. he was smart and decided to go outside. as for any advice i would give a person in your situation, i would say dont nag and dont yell because all that will get you is an angry fiance. nobody wants that. every time he lights up make a point to leave the house, even if its just to go outside and something. just be sure to let him know the reason you are leaving is because he insists on smoking in the house. when you leave be sure to leave windows and doors open to let some air in and the smoke out so that when you return, it isnt that bad.
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