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February 10th, 2006, 09:24 AM
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well i dont have anyone to celebrate v-day with so i am going to the doctors and doing my taxes (i know what a thrill) but an idea is make reservations at a really fancy restuarant for a few hours before sunset. go there and have a great time, then once dinner is over go to the beach, or somwhere really romantic and watch the sun go down together. my sons father and i did that once and to this day i remember feeling special and how in love we were. (i often wonder what happened) or you could make plans to go away somewhere special. or (and this is something my parents told me they did once) if you remember what you did on your first date, then reinact it. go to the same restuarant, rent that movie and make it so your house is pitch black (like the theaters) and snuggle up and watch it, just something cutsie like that is always nice. (god this is just making me want my ex back i miss him so much. i wish i had never moved away from from him, then we still might be together. oh well the past is the past. its on to bigger and better things I HOPE!!!)
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