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February 10th, 2006, 03:27 PM
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Definately call. I have had spotting this pregnancy and then I realized it happened the day after Rob and I had sex, every time! At my first u/s, everything looked great, but because I was concerened my dr told me not to do anything for 3 weeks. So last night was the 3 week mark and of course Rob was counting down. We had sex and things were fine. But sure enough, I went to the bathroom at 2 am and there was a pink tinge when I wiped! I hadnt spotted in 3 weeks and now it happened again. Lucky for me I had a drs appointment already scheduled for today and I told him about it so he checked me- my cervix is closed, but he said it looks a little raw (TMI) and said thats where the blood came from, not my uterus which is when they start to worry. He said thre wasnt continual bleeding up there, which is also good. He said I should be ok and that a lot of women bleed through out their pg because their cerix is so tender. He scheduled me for an u/s next week to make sure everything is still ok, but we heard the hb through the doppler, and so everything seems to be fine. I am sure youre ok too, but I would call your dr. You might get a free u/s out of it! I get one next week!
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