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February 10th, 2006, 04:04 PM
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Hi. My friend is not a member of this site and doesnt have a computer so I got permission to come on here and get some suggestions and advice and support for her. We both went to the store today to buy a test for her and she took it and it came up (+). She is so scared and saying she cant afford it and that the father of the baby (whom she doesnt talk to anymore) will have nothing to do with her and possibly turn her in because he is 17 and she is 21. It's so bad that she wants to try and misscarry(sp) or get an abortion but she doesnt have the money for that. I think the big thing that she is scared about is getting turned in because she was "with" a minor.

Any suggestions, advice, support for her?

Thank you! [/b]
You need to check the statuatory rape laws in your state. She may or may not get in trouble for having sex with a minor. In Colorado, 17 is the age of consent, so check the age of consent in your state. Hopefully all goes well.
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