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February 10th, 2006, 09:27 PM
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Oh Ella! Your V-day is bringing tears to my eyes...actually more like is making the tears fall uncontrallably. Your man sounds like a sweetheart! I acutally just figured out in my head that as much as I really want a romantic, full out v-day, I won't get it. B/f is working that day from 7am to 7pm and won't be back home until about 8pm, and both of us will be needing to be in bed by at least 10. Then while he has the next day off, I don't, and when I get home from work, he leaves for his next shift. Then when he FINALLY gets his days off, I think his mom is coming to town to visit (at least that's the story I'm told) so we won't even really get the house to ourselves to even have a romantic dinner just the two of us let alone having the house to ourselves for thei night to...well you know...wink wink nudge nudge...
Oh well...there's always next year! And our 1 year anniversary is in March so I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe his days off with work with us, not agaist us.

Thanks for replies though! Keep em' coming! I'm out of movies to watch and hearing all of your plans totally take the place of a romantic chick flick!

Take care everyone!

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