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December 18th, 2008, 09:09 PM
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On monday the 15th I was having some irregular contrations that were painfull but I thought nothing of them, they started at around 5pm. by midnight they were coming closer together and were more painfull, I also had a feeling of pressure and was getting back pain with each contraction. At 1.30 am I decided to call my sister to come watch Ethan and Maddy and then called my midwife. So Matt and I made our way into the hospital and got there at around 2am.

When we got into the birth suite the midwife checked babies position, my blood pressure and pulse and felt a few contractions, there was also a student midwife attending my birth. He said that althought they do feel strong they also seem a bit irregular still. So he suggested I get in the shower for a while and see how we go. After about 1/2 hour in the shower I got out and started bouncing on the birthing ball. At about 4am my contractions didn't seem to be picing up in intensity so the midwife asked if it would be ok to do a vaginal exam just to see if I was dilated at all, I was 3cm so he asked if it would be ok if he stretched me to 4 and striped my membranes, I said yes. so after that I keept bouncing on the birthing ball to try and get bubs head down more. At about 8am the midwife asked if he could do another exam and if the baby was far enought down and if he could break my waters, as I had had no sleep he didn't want me being to tired. So he broke my waters and then I asked if they could start filling the tub for me.

I got in the tub and things started happening pretty fast, I had a few normal contractions and then came the bearing down contractions. It was so relaxing in the water that in between the contractions me Matt and the midwives chatted and laughed away, then when I got a bearing down pain I would make some low grunts and noises untill the pain was gone again, I would tell the midwife after oooh that felt like his head came down real low. this keept going untill he started crowning, then all the talking stoped and I started yelling a little, I pleeded with them to just get him out, but after only a short while his head came out and then I pushed two more times and his body was out too. He was born at 10:18am 16th dec, weighed 9lbs 9oz and was 23 1/4 inches long. I turned around and they put him up on my chest, put a towel around us and pulled the plug in the tub. It was the best birth experiance I have ever had, it was so relaxed and I didn't feel worried about the pain, I was able to think clearly and with every pain I keept thinking its just one step closer to seeing bub.

The midwife noticed that I was loosing a fair bit of blood so gave me the injection that makes your placenta come out faster, but I was having a hard time delivering it. I got out of the tub and moved to the bed to deliver the placenta, I was holding and feeding Christian while trying to deliver, but it wasn't coming out. They took my blood pressure and it had droped down to 90 so they got an IV ready and hooked up before I even know what was going on, I got realy dizzy and tired and then all of a sudden when the IV was in I felt good again. I still hadn't delivered the placenta and the midwifes had let the doctors know that it was takeing a while, but once I had my energy back from the IV I started being able to push properly and delived it, it came out about 45min after Christian was born.

After all the drama, me and Christian had lots of cuddles and he had a feed. They didn't disturb us for about 2 hours, then they weighed him and Matt gave him his first bath, I had a shower and we got ready to go over to the ward. I ended up having to stay in the hospital over night because of my blood loss, ended up being because of low iron my levels were 93 so now I am on iron tablets again.

thanks for reading.
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