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February 11th, 2006, 10:36 AM
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I keep rubbing what is not showing - like I expect to feel something there this early on.

I can't wait to have a big ol' bump to rub!

When have you first noticed your bump?
Could you ever stop rubbing it?[/b]
Everyone is different! People told me since I was smaller I would notice it sooner, but it still took me forever! I was barely showing 6 months and even when I went into labor, (which was 5 weeks early, so I know I couldve been bigger) the nurses were in shock when I told them I was 35 weeks. WHen they heard I was in preterm labor, they looked at me and thought I was only 20 something weeks.

This time along, people are telling me I will notice it sooner since its my second (actually 3rd pregnancy) but I am 12 weeks already and the only change I notice in my body is the loss of a waistline! And that was gone weeks ago! Some girls in my ddc look totally pregnant- me, I just feel fat!
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